About Us

Crayons to Computers was established in 1999, filling a need for an educationally superior childcare center utilizing low ratios and a uniquely stimulating environment. We cater to families with children from infants through the 1st Grade. We are locally owned and operated by people who love small children.

All children are born geniuses. The challenge is to keep them that way through stimulating and challenging intellectual activities with a big emphasis on fun. The brain grows and develops more in the first six years of life than at any other time. Our aim is to capture this unique point in time and encourage each child to develop their own bright future.

The staff are well trained and dedicated.Our staff retention is exceptionally high with more than half the staff working with Crayons To Computers for more than three years, a quarter with eight years or more. These professionals know the importance of early intellectual development and have dedicated their lives to working with small children.

Children need lots of attention. Our child/teacher ratios are the lowest in the area. Our teachers have an abundance of time to listen and respond to each child individually.

We believe children need the freedom to develop and grow their own identities. Our teachers are highly trained individuals who follow a curriculum based on the center's ‘Learning Themes’ for the month. The classes rotate through a series of unique, themed rooms. Each room is specifically geared toward a particular developmental skill.