At Crayons to Computers we are dedicated to these beliefs:

  • A child’s learning starts at birth.
  • Children are capable of learning extraordinary things at every age.
  • Everything a young child does is learning.
  • Even though each child is "capable" of learning "anything", each child is an individual with likes, dislikes, and special interests.
  • Young children do not like to be tested.
  • Children do not have to "demonstrate" their knowledge.
  • Little brains soak up Mozart and Van Gogh as happily as they do Mickey Mouse and Itsy Bitsy Spider and all should be available.
  • Adults have the responsibility to fill the environment with the best possible stimuli for young minds.
  • The brain has five senses to use and the best teaching uses all of them.
  • Learning love, trust, honesty and integrity are as important as learning reading, math, music and art.
  • Children should see smiling faces and hear encouraging voices.
  • Parents are the most important people in any child’s life so we respectfully follow your wishes.