Children's Safety

The center is designed and created to ensure a safe and happy environment for your child. We have a free standing building set on private acreage for additional privacy.

Our physical environment is designed for safety.

We start with clean, bright classrooms, playrooms and playgrounds. Each is designed for the needs of a specific age group. Areas are filled with age-appropriate learning materials and equipment. We also separate the outdoor play of younger children from the more active play of older children with fenced areas. Our play areas are set far from the streets with high fencing to obscure visibility from the roads.

Parents are able to watch during the day.

We include cameras in every area so that you can view your child's activities wherever and whenever you like. In addition to the joy of seeing your child it also gives you the added assurance of close parental monitoring. This service is provided using a system by WatchMeGrow. To find out more please click on the link below:

WatchMeGrow Internet access

The building is secure.

A keypad system on the front door ensures that only authorized people have access to the building. The keypad code is changed monthly.

We have an intercom system in every room which allows teachers and management to communicate instantaneously.