Reading and Phonics

Whole word reading begins in our infant class and continues through preschool. Items are labeled, large print books are used and weekly curriculums are displayed in type large enough for each child to be able to see and assimilate. Our phonics and reading curriculum is a professionally developed incremental reading program designed for children to learn while receiving fun rewards based on individual learning rates.

Computer Skills

We utilize several age appropriate educational programs on the computer geared to reading, science, history, music, math, hand/eye coordination and memorization. Children also learn basic computer and keyboard skills.

Manipulatives and Writing

Fine motor skills, the precursor of writing, begin developing in infancy. We aid this development by providing age and skill appropriate puzzles, manipulatives, and art projects with a variety of mediums. The children are then led progressively through a variety of activities culminating in the formation of letters, words and finally sentences.

Math and Logic

Our math program is a unique system that encompasses number recognition, counting, adding, and subtracting, word problems, and sequencing. Materials include number cards, number bingo, number songs, number lines, item manipulation, and much more.

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