Children's Day

The brain has five senses and the best teaching uses all of them.


Our exclusive group of infants enjoy a large, bright room with specially designed areas for crawling, pulling up, cruising, and, finally walking. They have a private outside play area with age appropriate equipment separated from the more active play of older children.

One and two year olds move with their teacher through a series of five specially designed toddler-sized rooms. We have areas for reading, music, housekeeping, art, manipulatives, math, constructive play and gymnastics. Outside is a play area designed just for little ones.

Three to five year olds have their own series of five rooms. Areas for reading, manipulatives, music, constructive play, gymnastics, art, science, housekeeping and drama are specifically designed for their age and size. They also have a computer room with age appropriate materials to be used daily.

All rooms are bright, colorful and filled with carefully selected, age-appropriate materials, games and toys. Each room promotes its own specific set of skills. Each day is planned around your child's developmental stage.

Written Communication with Parents

You will follow your child every step of the way on the Learning Journey. We firmly believe that interested and involved parents are the keys to effective teaching. We start with a monthly calendar which gives you information about daily activites and upcoming events. In addition, parents of infants and toddlers receive a daily report. Preschool parents get notes every Friday reviewing weekly progress and highlighting the next week's curriculum and events.

To explore a typical schedule for your child's day, click here. You’ll love what you see.