We are so excited to have you joining us! We know first days can be scary, so rest assured we will make sure the transition is as smooth as possible!

Before Your First Day:

  • Make sure the parent handbook has been read and signed, along with your enrollment packet.

  • Notify the director of any allergies or issues that we need to be aware of to ensure we have everything set up to accommodate.

On Your First Day:

  • Bring a pack of diapers or pull-ups if applicable. Please label the outside of the package with the child's name.

  • Have a full change of clothes (including a light sweater) labelled with the child's name on the tag area to keep in your child's cubby.

  • Bring items for nap time. Infants cannot have blankets for safety reasons, but all other age groups should bring a crib sheet to put on the provided kinder-mats and a blanket. Some children also like to bring a small travel pillow or a nap mat to place on top of the provided kinder mats.

  • Any special food or milk alternatives. No food containing nuts are allowed due to allergies.

  • If your child cannot yet drink from a disposable cup, please send a clean, labelled sippy cup.

  • Infants should have labelled formula or breast milk and labelled bottles. You may also pre-mix bottles and they will be kept refrigerated in the infant room until needed. Bottle warmers are provided by the center.

Example of a nap mat

Additional Notes:

  • Please make sure your child arrives no later than 9:30 am to ensure they do not missing activities.

  • If your daughter loves wearing dresses, please make sure to send her with shorts under the dress.

  • Children must wear closed toe shoes to ensure safety on the playgrounds.