Infant Room

Infants are separated into two separate play areas based on mobility level. Each infant has their own assigned crib with alerts placed on each crib to notify staff of important things like whether the child is able to roll over or not. Detailed records are kept and posted of any allergies. Bottles are warmed and fed per parent-given schedule. Infants also have their very own shaded outdoor area to play with age-appropriate toys.
Parents receive a daily summary at pick up time which lists all feedings, bottles, diaper changes, and number of wet diapers and bowel movements. Daily papers will also include time of arrival and reminders if the child is running low on diapers/supplies.

For an example day in the life of infant students, click here for more information.

Wobblers and Toddlers

Our Wobblers and Toddlers rotate throughout several different rooms each day. insert additional information


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