Our science curriculum includes animals, plants, earth, space, and the human body. Each month new animal and plant groups are featured. We look at pictures, read stories, use information cards, and if possible, touch or view the animal or plant.

Great Artists, Art, and Crafts

Every month we feature Great Artists and display paintings and read interest stories about their lives. Children show their creative sides using crayons, paints, chalk, glue and scissors to make their own masterpieces.

Music and Musicians

Music by the Great Composers is played as background music during the day. Children learn about musical instruments, rhythms and pitch. Each week we learn a new song from our songbook.

History and Geography

Our playhouse is transformed monthly to another time in history from the Egyptians to the American Wild West. Current geography includes units on the United States, and countries and continents of the world.

Gross Motor and Outdoor

Children need to use their muscles as well as their brains. Crayons to Computers has large, well-equipped gyms with trampolines, tunnels, large blocks, balance beams, hoops, balls, and much more. Outdoor activities include games, slides, and balls, climbing equipment, bicycles, sand and water play.

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